Sunday, July 19, 2009

More on Cooking for Team Garmin

In addition to bikes and snappy duds, Garmin team manager and Slipstream CEO Jonathan Vaughters is well known for his love of wine and good food.

On the grape side, The Boulder Report is telling us that he has been tapped for knighthood in the order of Chateauneuf du Pape, and he was interviewed by Wine Spectator in the July issue.

In the kitchen, Garmin has employed Dr Allen Lim to reevalute everything that goes into the riders mussetts, focusing on recovery and not just carbo-loading. Garmin's work on speeding recovery and fighting inflammation associated with endurance sports has everyone questioning the traditional pasta-heavy meals in favor of rice and other gluten-free sources of carbohydrates, as well as the importance of omega-3s in everyone's diet.

For a closer look at the Garmin moveable feast, here's a slideshow with audio commentary from Garmin team chef Sean Fowler. Story here.

And for any logisticians out there, here's what it takes to feed the Garmin team on the road each day. If you're on Facebook, you can read the entire story here, courtesy Team Soigneur Sandra Ni Hodnae. She writes, "Here’s what we pack per rider, per day. So multiply this list by at least 200!"

6 Clif Bars (Nectar, Mojo, Z bar)
5 Clif Gels
4 Clif Bloks
2 cans Clif Quench electrolyte
0.5 can Clif recovery
2 Clif Builders protein bars
2 sachets apple cider recovery (hot tea)
1 sachet hot chocolate recovery for chocolate fix!!!
7 home-made basmati rice cakes
4 fruit jellies
1 mussette
10 water bottles (minimum)
.10 ml sun lotion/start oil depending on the weather
8 safety pins
.10 ml chamois cream
200 g oats
300 g rice for home-made rice cakes
5 rice cakes
50 g cereal
150 ml soy milk
8 l water
10 g nuts
5 eggs
200 g meat/fish
3 yogurts
3 expresso coffee
10 ml olive oil
4 pieces of fruit
1 tablespoon of honey
Quarter baguette

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