Friday, June 19, 2009

Z's Word Wall

Need some help with my novel. The catch is, it may only contain the words that the Z-ster can say right now. Verbs seem to be few and far between, which doesn't bode well for the plot. I'm not sure how to address that, but maybe a good night's sleep will help me figure it out.

Dog Ball
Mom Kitty Eat
Dad Clock Bye-bye
Hi Hello
Night-night Baby
Balloon Steve Down
Shoe Cracker
More All done
Thank you

And the following sound effects:
Uh-oh Moo
Meow Quack
Swish-swish (goes with a swimming fish from one of his books)
Peek (all of "peek-a-boo" that he can get out)

There has to be a Seussian tale in there somewhere, yeah?


Bill said...

If Sendak can write a book, which is about to be a major motion picture, with only ten sentences, you should be able to turn 25-odd words into a narrative of sorts.

Mike said...

I would have thought "Go Huskers" would have been high up on this list.