Monday, June 8, 2009

Ready for the 2020 Olympics

Z'ster started walking about around 10.5 months, and started running about two days later. I have some theories on the quick transition, which I'll write about at some point. (It's part of the same theory about teaching a kid hockey so he'll learn to hit a baseball more effectively.) But for now, here's the latest development: he's teaching himself to jump.

I'm not sure where he got the idea that jumping was next on his developmental milestones, but he's putting a lot of effort into it, and appears to be self-taught. He crouches down low, like a baseball catcher or a power-lifter about to do the clean and jerk. Then he holds the pose for a second and looks around. And then he springs into action, catapulting himself a whole millimeter or two off the ground.

Nine times out of ten, he then goes crashing to the ground, but if by some twist of luck he stays on his feet, he cracks himself up laughing so hard that he falls down anyway.

So now I'm thinking, NBA slam-dunk winner in maybe 2019, then high jump or decathlon at the 2020 Olympics.


Bill and Midge said...

Very cute!

Sean said...

Give that boy a shoe contract!