Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mental Health Break: Food, Up Close and Personal

The Well ran a quick diversion from gloom and doom stories about what's killing us all to share the photography of Satre Stuelke, a 44 year old former art professor and current medical school student. Well, not quite photography, as these images were taken with a CT scanner. Mr. Stuelke says his goal was to get us all to “think about how things are constructed" by scanning common, household items. And you don't get any more common than food.

Here's a box of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. "They are so beautiful with their breading," Mr. Stuelke said. "The box design is truly elegant as well."

Read the Well article here.

See the slideshow here.

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1 comment:

Kate said...

That kind of makes my stomach flip flop. If I ate chicken nuggets, that would make me want to stop.