Thursday, January 22, 2009

Technology in the Kitchen?

Apparently you need an iPhone in the kitchen these days.

Top Kitchen Toy? The Cellphone

I'm not buying it. An iPhone as a permanent part of my gadget drawer would leave me with an interesting warranty claim. It would only be a matter of time before I dunked it in boiling water with the pasta, hacked a corner off whilst chopping onions, or otherwise voided the warranty by getting too close to something hot or greasy.

Occasionally I'll drag the laptop into the kitchen, but it's always safely atop the bar, far from wet or dusty hands, and even then I find myself going through a dozen bar towels trying to keep my hands clean before scrolling down a line or two to the next item.

Having said that... going to download BigOven and see if they can convince me otherwise...


stevemur said...

No one says you need a cellphone in the kitchen... But then again, over a million people have downloaded our app in the first 90 days of its availability, so at least a few people in the world do find some demand for it.

Personally, I love being able to view recipes at the grocery store -- if I get a sudden inspiration to make one of my favorites, or if I want to look up buying tips for avocados, etc.

- Steve Murch
Founder/CEO, BigOven

muddywaters said...

I'm waiting for the day when my camera plops into a pot of soup. This food blogging business has its hazards.

I love technology, but there are places where I want to keep things low tech. The kitchen is one place and the great outdoors is another. Although I'm always tempted to buy some new gadget. I think you and Michelle said it best in your cookbook: The only tool you really need in the kitchen are quality ingredients and a good chef's knife.

The Training Table said...

For the record, I've only dunked my iPhone in the sink once. Was a $199 lesson in being careful. But has it slowed me down? Nope, not a bit.