Saturday, January 17, 2009

Help! (Cooking mit Kinder Part II)

I just did the math: we've had Zebb for one month, and I've cooked six times since then. That is not going to cut it.

Even before the kinder, finding time during the week to make something new has always been a challenge. If we don't get home until six, and if we take the dogs out or use treadmill or do yoga or whatnot, then we're not applying heat to the skillet until seven-ish. So the plan has always been to make something big on Sunday, have a couple of days of left-overs, skip working out on Wednesday to make another big pot, and try to make that last until the weekend, when we can start all over.

But now with the SBJ (Screaming Bundle of Joy), the amount of time left-over for cooking has gone from Slim to None (cue up Chuck Thompson for the the follow-up: and Slim has just left town).

And that's the very issue that the Training Table is supposed to help: middle-aged weekend warriors who are trying to maximize time while making good food that will help them to live to see 100.

So it's time to stop making excuses and get back to the people's work.

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