Friday, January 16, 2009

Cooking mit Kinder

We've been so off of our game lately. The whole baby thing has been one big picnic except for its effect on two things: sleep and cooking.

There has been one bright spot on the cooking front: the boy loves Pappy's chicken noodle soup and basic pasta (both run through the chopper) a ton more than any of the jarred baby foods.

But since that, it seems the only thing I've made has been scrambled eggs and toast.

I tried blowing the carbon out of the carburetor by playing around with that Maple Bourbon Chicken noodle bowl the other day, but all that did was remind me that I'm off my game.

So that's my mission for this weekend: get back to quick 30 minute meals that will keep me from getting totally rusty, or resign myself to take-out Chinese and Chipotles for the next three years.


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