Sunday, June 13, 2010

Father's Day Grilling Ideas

For a while it seemed that everyone was loading up their hamburgers with weird stuff that did nothing for the flavor. Fillers, I guess. If the burger was concrete, this junk was the cement, something to bind it or hold it together. I saw packets of taco seasoning or onion soup mix, or bread and eggs. The whole thing turned me off to adding anything at to a burger. Just meat, had to be the authentic way if everyone else was playing evil mad scientist with theirs.

But there's something to be said for adding real food to the burger concoction. Not packets of crap that were processed who knows how many years ago, but real food with real flavor.

Two normal sized burgers for the two-legged animals in home, and a couple of mini-burgers for the mutts.

A whole bunch of ideas are here at the Whole Story.

I think my favorite is just a little bit of blue cheese or Gorgonzola with some onion or fennel.

And the maestro will walk you through a plethora of options here.

What do you like on or in your burgers?

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