Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Supper

It's a gray, damp, and drizzly day, but everything's warm and sunny inside today. Z got to run around the house looking for his "hidden" Easter eggs, and M's folks joined us for supper.

Ham is about Z's favorite meat... actually, it's the only thing on four legs that he'll eat so far. So any excuse to put a pig in the oven is fine with him.

Baked cauliflower with a squeeze of lemon juice, sweet potatoes, a fruit salad, and a strawberry-rhubarb pie rounded out his first Easter dinner.

Then after eating, it's time to burn off those calories with some intense Wheelie-Bug scooting.

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Bill and Midge said...

Zeb is a really cute kid! I'm glad he had a nice Easter.