Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coffee Talk

I love coffee... just love it... from the ritual aspect of grinding the beans to the smell of the kitchen when it's brewing to the smoky combination of flavors when it's finally in my cup.

So one would think this would be great news for me, right? Coffee makes you faster, stronger, better looking, and all that.

See, but here's the thing: Is your goal a PR at the next race, or is it to live to be 100?

Look at it this way: integrating some caffeine can make you a bit faster or increase your endurance... but only compared to yourself, to your pre-caffeinated self. But that doesn't mean it's making you a more efficient machine for the long haul. I think everyone here would agree: there are no magic bullets. There is no single supplement that's going to let you chow down all you want and still look great come the first trip to the beach.

Is small amounts, it can help you burn some fat, tapping into fat as an energy source. It can make you a little bit faster, and make you go a little bit further.

But it's not a substitute for hard work and watching what you eat.

So be careful out there. If your goal is to live to be 100, moreso than just setting a new PR at this weekend's 10K, there's no need to add an extra cup to whatever you're currently doing. And if your goal is to set a new PR this weekend, remember the singular most important rule of racing nutrition: don't ever eat or drink anything on race day that you haven't tried during training.

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