Friday, February 6, 2009

More kids' nutrition news

The Renegade Lunch Lady is in town. Chef Ann Cooper was in Boulder, talking to the school board about ways to improve school meals.

Current forecasts show that the kids in school today will live shorter lives than their parents, the first time ever that this will happen. A big part of the reason is the habits they pick up in school.

This morning I watched kids pouring chocolate milk on their Count Chocula cereal, and watched as they dumped most of their fruit cups into the 55 gallon drum that will most likely find its way to a pig trough nearby. I talked to a couple of them, but I have to be careful lecturing them because it turns them off completely. Instead, I try to let them see me munching on an apple or drinking a bottle of water.

You can hear Chef Ann's spiel here, and read more about the program here.

It's twelve o'clock... do you know what your kids are eating right now?

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