Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High Plains Weather Report

Chinook winds with a full moon.

That means you can expect some howling from those around you. Time to lock up the firearms and move the kitchen cutlery out of reach.

Everyone is a bit on edge. Z. got up screaming in the middle of the night, and before we could make it to his bunk to check on him, he was already sound asleep. That's the wind, howling through him.

The dogs are all skittish and wary as well. Every sound or creak makes them jump out of their skin. Our six pound cat decided to sleep on one of the dog beds, and she just stared down 300 pounds of Great Dane as they tried to move her. M-dog finally gave up and went to sleep in the basement, as far away from all of the crazies as she could get.

The wind and the moon make everyone a bit uneasy. You have to give yourself wide berth of all obstacles, be they physical, spiritual, or psychological. The slightest things set folks off, and over-reacting is everyone's MO until conditions change.

Or maybe we're just a bit anxious about today's court hearing...

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