Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Haircut

The Z-Man has been looking a little ragged lately. It was hard to tell whether he was just getting ready for hockey season or if he was planning on joining a reggae band, but his dreadlock/mullet combo had to go. So after getting permission for this major medical procedure, we hauled him down to the kinder-salon for his first haircut.

(Left: Pre-haircut)

Now, you know dads: they love their kids, but hate being embarrassed by signs of weakness, such as crying on the football field after a compound fracture or not being able to handle a few shakes of the 500K Scoville habanero sauce on their oatmeal.

And I've seen those kids wailing in the barber's chair before, squirming like a sack full of cats and screaming their lungs out when the electric shears come at them. Using the military principle of "train like you're going to fight," I got him ready for the big day. For the last couple of weeks, every time I shaved with my electric razor, I held him in my arms and got him used to the sound. And after a couple of goes, I'd give him a quick touch of the buzzing Braun so he'd know it didn't hurt.

When show time came, he was a pro. Acted like he does it all the time. In fact, when the stylist asked us what kind of cut we wanted, he butted in, saying, "It's Memorial Day weekend... a high and tight would be appropriate, to show my solidarity with all of those in harm's way tonight and those who came before them."

After the haircut, we wanted to take him some place fun for a reward, and since it was raining a bit, the indoor playground at the Cherry Creek Mall seemed like a good choice. It's a simple operation, an assortment of breakfast-themed, foam rubber, climbable objects like fried eggs and a bowl of shredded wheat, with a soft floor for the inevitable falls. Z current holds the US record for the banana climb and put up a new route with a free solo up the north face of the sausage links.

First Haircut Slideshow

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