Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on the Farm

I think we've mentioned that Z. measures up in the top 90th percentile for height but in the bottom 15th percentile for weight. Well, there's no better place to put some meat on your bones than Nebraska over the holidays. Too bad Two-Tooth Z-Man couldn't partake in the turkey, ham, stuffing, and dozens of boxes of cookies (although he did do some damage to the smashed potatoes and gravy). Wait until next year... the rest of us are going to be fighting for scraps after he makes his run on the buffet.

All of the pix from Christmas day are here.


muddywaters said...

I need to put a touring cap on my Christmas list new year. He looks sharp; I need a good accessory to elevate my gentleman quotient.

High Plains Drifters said...

When you're 9 months, you can wear the touring cap by itself. When you're pushing 40, you need a TR-7 or Fiat Spider to make it work.